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PNG Microlot Amakai Honey 2018


Rare Arabica Beans from Papua New Guinea highlands.

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This latest 2018 crop of the brilliant and exclusive PNG Honey is drawn from selected farmers who supply only the ripest cherries suited to the process. The cherries are sun dried, turned over and hand sorted – honey processing needs careful attention at every stage to avoid fermentation. It’s certainly a long and laborious task but the end result makes it worthwhile.

Kuta Kofi Mill farmers grow their coffee on the foothills of the Kubor Range/junction with the Nebilyer Valley and area with the wonderful black volcanic loamy soil PNG is known for.

This is a family favourite and every customer who has tried this bean continually come back for more…

“Raisin like sweetness, bright, citrusy, chocolate”

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Weight 1 kg

Drip/Filter, Espresso, Plunger, Whole Beans


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