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Located on the magnificant South Coast of New South Wales, nestled in the picturesque township of Tapitallee and in the lee of Cambewarra Mountain, lies our artisan boutique coffee roastery. There we strive to bring you a truly unique range of coffees that you will not find in your local cafe.  Our green beans are sourced from all over the world and offer unique and interesting flavours that define the growing region and bean variety.

Our beans are certfied under Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance or UTZ certification to ensure the growers are ethically treated with a viable financial return for their efforts and to ensure the sustainabilty of their crops.

We typically roast our beans to a light or medium level as this preserves the bean characteristics.  In our humble opinion, an espresso or "dark roast" predominantly tastes of "burnt" sugars or ash and the bean has lost most of the original origin flavours.  However, we also know that the taste of coffee is very subjective and so we will accommodate order requests for "dark roast" if required but we invite you to "challenge your taste buds" and try a single origin at its best.