We are a small family business with a common obsession...we love to try different, unusual and truly amazing coffees.  Our range includes rare or limited beans sourced globally from producers that are typically on micro farms or fine estate holders.

Due to the typically small production quantities of the small farms, the beans are in high demand and may not be viable each growing season. Some of our rare and exotic coffees, such as Burundi beans are also categorised because of their geography; war affected, climate variations and economic factors.  This means our beans are truly "rare" and often only available as a "one off" offering.

We are sure you will enjoy these coffees as a rare experience that you can't get from most coffee shops or volume roasters.


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  • Single Origin Coffee Natural LEKEMPTI  1Kg
    These Arabica green beans are grown in the NEKā€™EMTE region of Western Ethiopia. The beans are naturally sun dried and then pulped which results in a smooth, earthy taste. Slightly acid, the flavours are of citrus fruit...reminiscent of finger lime and lychees with a but..
  • Single Origin Coffee Papua New Guinea Honey 1Kg
    This coffee is a produced by local producers, Kuta Mill farmers. For the first time, the mill was asked to process using the Honey Process where the cherries have the skin removed and some of the mucilage before drying. We were delighted with the coffee; its tropical fruit, chocolate and citrus..