Our green beans are decaffeinated using pure mountain water.  A brief description of the process follows:

Green Coffee Beans 
Start with quality unroasted green beans.

Add Pure Water 
Soak these beans in hot water. This hot water draws out the flavor essences of the beans just the way hot water does with ground coffee in a coffee press. The water becomes flavor-saturated in coffee essences. These green beans are then discarded.

Remove the Caffeine 
The flavor-saturated water is then run through a carbon filter which traps and removes the caffeine molecules, but not the coffee essences.

Immerse New Beans 
Fresh green coffee beans are then added to the flavor-saturated water. Since this water is already saturated in coffee essences, the caffeine is drawn out while the flavor essences are preserved, resulting in a full flavored, decaffeinated bean. Water processing removes 97% of the caffeine, which is the industry standard.

Decaffeinated green beans are very difficult to roast due to their changed chemical composition and can be easily "spoiled" in aroma and flavour by too dark a roast.  Our decaffeinated beans are light to medium roasted to preserve the origin characteristics and provide a taste experience that is not impaired by the removal process.

It should be noted that beans can not be 100% caffeine free after this removal process.  Also Arabica beans have only 50% of the caffeine that is in Robusta beans.  Many commercial coffees contain a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans whereas all of our coffees are 100% Arabica..

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  • MW Decaf Yirgacheffe 1Kg
    This is a new addition to our Mountain Water Decaffeinated coffee range and it really stands out. Beautiful natural yirgacheffe flavours - lemon, floral notes, jasmine - shine through creating a truly exceptional decaf experience. TASTING NOTES: Candy-sweet decaf, lemon and fore..